Training your your 2018 content strategy to scratch the belly of FB's algorithm monster

If you didn’t already know, Facebook introduced some big changes to it’s content algorithm in January 2018. These changes mean businesses need to work harder to be seen, heard and remembered on the world’s most popular social media platform (more on that here). While p...
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Heard about a new social media app called Vero yet? Here's the skinny:

Over the last month, a new Social Media app has been picking up momentum and causing a stir worldwide. Vero is an app that markets itself as a 'new kind of social network'  - bringing together the best features of what already exists across multiple individual platforms...
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Welcome to the next evolution in your content requirements

It's the very first fortnight of 2018, and while some of us planned a relaxing transition back from holiday to business mode, Facebook had other plans for Business Page Administrators.  We all know change is inevitable so if you haven’t already, prepare yourself for t...
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