Specialist Presentations

No matter the subject, if it's about social media we'd love to be a part of it! Having a specialist presentation delivered (or series of specialist presentations) allows your team, group or board to be included in the social media activity vision of your business. Part of a industry or networking group too? Even better. Social media is a hot topic in marketing and the more you know, the more you gain. We'd love to wow your audience with a specialist presentation on social media that packs a tasty punch no matter how big or small.
  • Conferences
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Training Opportunities

One-on-one Training

Looking to get ahead in social media in a one-on one environment? Say no more. We work with social newbies right up to your business big cheese. Everyone is at a different level when it comes to social, and everyone needs help with different elements of social. We also understand that everyone learns at a different pace, so we'll tailor our one-on-one social media training to suit anyones way of learning. Some of the many benefits of our one-on-one training are:
  • Bespoke training developed to suit your requirements
  • Ask all the questions you're too afraid to ask in a group setting!
  • We can train you, no matter where you are globally

Group Training

Ever feel like you learn better in a group situation? Want to be a part of a group where you're soaking up social media training, where everybody's all on the same level? Where you can ask questions and get feedback from the group you're doing the learning with? Get in touch with us about being a part of our group training sessions. They're awesome. We offer training for same-business and mixed business environments.
  • Bespoke training developed to suit your teams requirements
  • Instant increase in social media capacity and capability
  • Cost effective opportunity to up skill in a supportive group atmosphere

Social Monitoring

Sometimes it pays to have an expert eye watching over your social media activity, and your competitors social media activity too. Our social monitoring service acts as a back-stop for your brand's social. We proactively inform you about anything you're not potentially seeing in your social activity - trends, highs, lows and competitor insights too. Businesses use our social monitoring service to stay one step ahead of the social game, and as their sounding board for strategy and content planning on a monthly basis.
  • Expert insight into your brands social media presence
  • Proactive cross-competition and cross-industry feedback
  • Contribution to content planning based on real-time national and global social media activity