Community Management

Having a vibrant, active, positive and engaged social media community is the best thing a brand can ask for. Put simply, this is what we pour our heart and soul into achieving for clients of The Social Shop. It's a committed role, something that takes great strategy, great energy, great customer service and an ongoing drive for greatness. It's a never-ending job! But one we love. It's what we're here for, and if you want to develop a online social media community you're proud of, contact us.
  • Quick, professional responses to profile engagement
  • Proactive profile/brand interaction with identified targets
  • Organic increase in profile activity leading to growth in brand awareness, credibility and sales

Advertising Management

We've seen the evolution of social media for business from day one, and the power of what it can achieve through advertising. These days, social media is taking on traditional forms of advertising because it's where you find the general population. With online data defining specific target audiences - right down to the time of day they're online, what their specific interests are, what devices they're using and who their friends and acquaintances are - the value in social advertising is far more measurable than traditional media. If you're through with spending thousands of dollars on go-nowhere advertising, talk to us about setting up a social advertising campaign ensures every dollar of your budget is spent on talking the right people.
  • Spend money on metrics not maybe's
  • Get exact figures and stats on how your social advertising is performing
  • Use our expertise to land new clients through reaching a new, big audience on social media

Campaign Management

If you're looking for a social media specialist to manage your social media campaign(s) from start to finish, we're your team. We work with your business directly, or in combination your outsourced marketing team on strategic planning for each campaign, and it's succession from one campaign to the next. We take care of all facets of your social media campaign which needs to be managed from creative, to scheduling. A mix of the services we offer are usually combined to deliver the perfect campaign. Whatever you need to kick your social media campaign(s)into action, with tasty results we'll ensure they're performing exactly how you need them to, boosting your results from day one.
  • We'll ensure every campaign is original, unique, fun and engaging for fans
  • Every campaign will focus on building an engaged, loyal fan base
  • Regardless of your size, we'll develop the perfect campaign to suit your brands objectives

Content Optimisation

Developing great content is an art. Seriously. It's only good content if it's created in the right way, for the right reasons, used at the right time, in the right place, with the right connections. We've been working in media, marketing and advertising for a while now. We've seen the evolution of content marketing and and how important it is to capture an outstanding mix of tasty content on social media. Curating content is something that turns us on! If you want exceptional social media content, get in touch with us for help with:
  • Content that works for your brand around the clock
  • Content that tells a story and sets your brand apart from the rest
  • Giving your brand a social profile your competition can only dream of

Monitoring & Reporting

Part of having a great social media presence is bench-marking important points in your journey. It's also critical to keep ongoing records of your day-to-day social activity, so you can check where things are going right and where things need to change. Keeping track of multiple platforms, events, campaigns, advertising, interactions and trends can be tricky, and even a tedious task. Our team can consolidate all of your complex social data, in an easy to follow report. Your peers will seriously think you're a social superhero with all that insight behind you! You'll receive our report and recommendations on a regular basis, as frequent as your reporting requirements may be.
  • Keep your social success on-the-up with cross-platform insights
  • Assist social strategy and budgeting requirements with factual, real-time data
  • Keep key business stakeholders informed and engaged on the impact social media is making to your brand

Crisis Management

Everyone stuffs up from time to time, it's how you deal with it that matters. With business and brands having such a public persona via social media, it's imperative to act on any sticky situations with integrity, honesty and pace. We're versed in managing online public relations to the highest level and our priorities in social crisis management are to always retain your business credibility through:
  • Fast, professional response to the situation
  • Issue minimisation & containment
  • Proactive resolution management