Our favourite Instagram accounts and why

When you work in Social Media, you end up spending a LOT of time browsing. We like to keep on top of what’s working & what isn’t working, and the best way to do this is by checking out all sorts of  accounts.

If you want to know who we think is nailing the IG game, check out some of our favourite accounts below:


Lisa Congdon is a 52 year old artist, illustrator, hand letterer, author of eight books, activist, world traveler, collector, goofball, road cyclist & swimmer. 

“In my opinion, Lisa nails the Instagram life thanks to her bright, bold artwork & beautifully curated typography, which anyone with a pulse can't help but stop their scroll for.

"What I love even more, is that as a 52 year old woman, Lisa has embraced a new 'tecchy' way of sharing her message with the world. Age or audience hasn't held her back! Lisa's combined the visual appeal of Instagram with her art, to reach a sea of fans who otherwise wouldn't have known about her work, or wisdom.”

Lisa couples her Instagram account with inspiration to guide fellow creatives on what can be really challenging and life-changing times in their careers. She's been-there, done-that before, and is using her Instagram account to spread all of that experience, freely.

On top of this, you'll find a supportive community of creatives attached to every post and story Lisa publishes, “It's not just the bold & bright visuals I love about this account, but the way they’re being used, and the community of creatives who have come together around that.”


Innocent is a British beverage brand who are totally nailing the social media game across the board. “I had to go for an account where caption copy stands out... of course! And the Innocent Instagram account is copywriter #goals. Their tone of voice is irreverent and engaging, using short and sassy sentences with plenty of personality and humour. They're not afraid to be a little edgy or ironic. 

"Their creative is varied yet is always consistently on brand (and immediately identifiable as 'theirs'). They somehow come up with a whole load of different ways to showcase the same products!”

Innocent’s Tone of Voice is personable, and has a friendly tone. They’ve found the right balance of humour and product sharing that many businesses struggle with. They focus as much on the content of their posts as whether they’re telling their consumers to buy their smoothies. The business has developed a social sense of humour that’s good for all the family, with content that is light-hearted, and fun to see.


Evie Kemp is an Auckland based creative unafraid of creating products with a strong personality. Her Instagram showcases her amazing ability to combine bold line, colours and arresting motifs.

“Her bright and colourful posts brighten up my IG feed, whilst showcasing her unique and vibrant personality. More specifically her craft projects, murals and prints are all epic and make me wish I could have her mad creative skills.”


Allbirds is a New Zealand footwear company which is aimed at designing environmentally friendly footwear. They appeal to their Instagram followers by posting approachable and fun content.

”I love when Allbirds pop up in my feed, as their posts are interesting to look at & they present their product in new & exciting ways! I love the great puns in their copy, and how it's just not all about them but other people doing amazing things with sustainable practices.”

“They showcase their people in cool ways, and their account truly represents who they are as a company and what they stand for and want for themselves, their customers and our world.”


Zero Waste Chef is a blog run by Anne-Marie Bonneau who promotes waste free living (particularly in the kitchen), following three rules: no packaging, no processed food & no trash.

“I love the tips and tricks @zerowastechef shares. Gives me so much eco living inspo! Her beautifully composed images are #pantrygoals, and her down to earth, realistic approach, and her simple tutorials make zero waste seem achievable!”

So, those are our favourites! Want our help with nailing Instagram like the brands above? We’d be love to help! Get in touch.